BURA and INSAMER are organizing a 5-week workshop series to have a closer look at the Muslim world. 

The regions that are outnumbered by Muslim population and moulded by Islamic religious traditions are dynamic places where the long-established accumulations of the Islamic civilization refracted into diverse social structures and political situations. Knowing about the various dynamics of this geography and approaching its issues more holistically will provide a better and clearer perspective not only to understand its past and present, but also lay ground for making much sounder analysis concerning its future.

The schedule is as follows :

1st Week: Emin Emin
Political Faultlines in the Balkans

2nd Week: Riad Domazeti
Competition Between Iran and Saudi and the Future of the Region

3rd Week: Emrin Çebi
Minority Problems in the South Asia: Arakan Case

4th Week: Mukerrem Miftah
Identity Crisis in Africa

5th Week: Burak Çalışkan
Russian Policy from Ukraine to Syria and the Muslims

March 19-May 14, 2018